Laminated Columns

Stronger, Tougher Laminated Columns

The single most important element to a building’s foundation is its columns. Western Building Supply is the premier producer of laminated columns.

curved laminated columns

Laminated columns are much better than solid columns because:

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They are stronger than solid columns and will stand up to wind, snow and other weather conditions much better.

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They can be made to “cradle” or “capture” trusses for better support and unity.

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Fully treated laminated posts are more decay-resistant.

Our new laminator has the capacity to produce 3- or 4-ply columns, up to 40 feet in length from 2”x6”, 2”x8” or 2”x10” boards. The hydraulic pressing clamps secure the entire length of the post on all four sides during assembly, and computerized nailing process to ensure that the plies are kept tightly together, producing a straight and true laminated column. 

Each clamp supplies 3,000 psi to straighten the boards, and simultaneously sandwiches them together with 400 psi.

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