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Western Building Supply provides the best quality of steel roofing available. Over the years, we built our reputation for manufacturing and supplying our customers with high-quality and durable roofing materials. Our metal panel manufacturing process is done in house which allows us to eliminate the middleman. This results in less communication errors, lower lead times and higher recovery rates from any mistakes. It also increases the ability to deliver metal or post frames packages in a smooth and efficient manner with less handling which helps reduce forklift and storage damage. Our machinery allows us to produce classic AG panel, commercial ‘R’ panel, soffit material, standard and custom trims from 10’6 to 21′ long in a variety of gauges and colors. All inhouse and to your needs.

Benefits of steel roofs include:

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Repels moisture that causes mold, water damage, and attracts pests.

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Weighing less than your standard roof, protecting the structural integrity and life of your building.

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Reduces your AC and heating bills by retaining heat during winter months and re-emitting solar radiation in the summer.

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Strong, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. Steel roofs will not rot, crack, break, burn, or blow off.

We manufacture an extensive range of steel products in a variety of styles, colors, and design choices. All our materials are sourced and manufactured domestically. Whether you are installing a steel roof yourself, or need the materials for one of your customers, we are here to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Most roofing companies take 2 to 4 weeks to deliver, but not Western Building Supply. We deliver steel roofing and wood trusses in half the time.

Job site delivery requires specialized equipment. We have the necessary equipment, vehicles and professionals that deliver. From proper handling to the careful loading and unloading of your steel roofing materials, you can trust our team. We know you rely on properly filled orders and prompt delivery to complete your jobs. Timely and accurate service is precisely what you can expect with Western Building Supply.

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