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Sturdy, safe and high-quality wood trusses

WBS’ natural wood trusses are sturdy, affordable and enrich the integrity of your building. Our trusses are structurally engineered to carry heavy roof loads. We use the latest technology to make sure that all of our products are efficiently designed and built to the highest standards.

Benefits of choosing trusses by WBS include:

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Our engineered trusses are so accurate that you will save money at every step in the construction process

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We are a one-stop-shop for anything you need for your project so if you are missing fasteners or need to replace a power tool, we have you covered

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During the installation process, our experts are in constant contact with you so you can fabricate products that fit your building’s structure and space

Getting your trusses perfectly engineered is important. The quality of your truss engineering has consequences (positive or negative) for the whole rest of your project. 

Residential Builds:

A well-manufactured truss makes it easy for framers to build out interior walls and sheetrock hangers to make ceilings look square. If you have a low-quality truss, and you want your project to look good, your labor rates are going to increase throughout the project.


We also use a 4’ on center truss to maximize safety for you and your crew. Not only does 4’ on center make your work safer, but it also reduces labor costs because contractors can simply step from truss to truss making it easier to finish your building.


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