WBS Men of Steel

Meet the Western Building Supply Men of Steel

Just as Superman is known for his strength, skill, and ability to get the job done – so, too, are the Western Building Supply Men of Steel. Credited with providing the best quality steel roofing and siding available, our hands-on superheroes manufacture and supply our customers with premium, durable materials. Last month, we introduced you to our superb sales staff. In this installment of our Meet the Team blog series, you’ll get to know the guys who make WBS steel stronger than kryptonite! Those rarely seen employees who make their presence known by manufacturing an extensive range of steel products — in a variety of styles, colors, and design choices — to suit your project needs.

Rick at WBS
Rick Thompson
Steel Production Technician

Conscientious, punctual, and focused on the task at hand – our steel production technician, Rick, puts his best efforts into everything he does. Rick came to WBS with 25 years of experience in the auto parts industry. Now, he enjoys the new and different challenges each day brings in the metal shop.

Rick is an avid fan of Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp, and Dances with Wolves, and also enjoys arrowhead hunting and spending time with his wife. Rick says his only goal in life is to be happy, we’re just glad he’s happy here with us!

James at WBS
James R. Weinkauf
Steel Production Technician

When jokingly asked what his job title should really be, he slyly replied, “I better not!” That sense of humor is just one of the qualities we appreciate about our Steel Production Technician, James. Raised in Wyoming, James came to WBS with 15 years of water meter experience. He now considers Western Building Supply home and takes pride in the products he makes. James prefers taking one day at a time and always enjoys learning something new.

Outside of work, James most values spending as much time as possible with his family. Some of his favorite activities include taking his three kids to see Marvel movies, playing with his dogs and cats, and getting out to the water for some fishing.

Mark at WBS
Mark Young
Steel Shop Manager

Mark is not only our Steel Shop Manager, but he’s also one of the most loyal employees we have! Everyday Mark comes to work, he gives his all and helps make WBS a better place for our employees and customers. Mark says he loves his job and his coworkers, and prides himself on providing efficient, quality service (even when that means running around like a chicken with no head!) Mark’s entire professional experience is in construction, which is good, since he takes so much joy in working with metal and wood.

When he’s not working, Mark likes watching shows about gearheads and off-roading — like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day – before setting out on his own outdoor adventures. Hunting, woodworking, and spending time with his family bring balance to Mark’s life as he pursues the simple things in life, like taking part in building a better community.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the WBS Men of Steel. Keep checking our blog for future installments of our Meet the Team blog series.

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