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Meet the Trusty WBS Truss Team

Sturdy, safe, and high-quality — it’s how Western Building Supply manufactures wood trusses and how we describe the team that produces them! Our warriors of wood know that getting your trusses perfectly engineered is important, because that’s what determines the outcome of your entire project. And you can count on these guys every step of the way. During the installation process, our experts are in constant contact, enabling you to fabricate products that fit your building’s structure and space.

Most recently, you got to know our men of steel. In this installment of our Meet the Team blog series, we introduce you to the staff tasked with engineering trusses so accurately; you save money at every step in the construction process! Keep reading to meet the trusty WBS truss team.

Stanley Baker
Truss Builder

Our truss builder, Stanley, comes to WBS with a background in building America! Employed as a boilermaker for 4–½ years, he now loves helping to build Wheatland. Stanley prides himself on making our customers happy — and keeping them coming back – by making sure our trusses come out as perfectly as possible. Stanley’s long-term goals include becoming a cutter, “because it would be awesome to run the equipment,” making a good living, advancing in his career, and doing his best to make everyone happy. (He’s nailing that last one already!)

Stanley spends his free time watching movies like It, The Mask, and Sing and enjoys fishing, hunting, boating, and spending time with his family.

Nick Carter
Truss Sawyer

Our truss sawyer, Nick, is a man of few words. Our assumption: Nick is the quiet yet mighty type because he considers himself the do everything guy, which leaves little time for small talk.

At WBS, we appreciate Nick’s can-do attitude and that he always works hard to meet his goals.

Nick spends his free time hunting, fishing, and riding snowmobiles.

Jeremy R. Meade
Lead Truss Builder

Our lead truss builder, Jeremy, credits his OCD for driving him to build your trusses as perfectly as possible. (We just appreciate his incredible work ethic!) Citing quality control and operating the forklift as his main responsibilities, he aspires to be a WBS truck driver and equipment operator. Jeremy says his paycheck is the best thing about his job, but we have a sneaking suspicion that he likes us just as much as we value him!

A super-fan of NASCAR and football, Jeremy spends his time away from work playing with his dog and diamond painting.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the trusty WBS truss team. Keep checking our blog for future installments of our Meet the Team blog series.

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