superb sales staff at wbs

Meet the Superb Showroom Staff at Western Building Supply

**Updated January 10, 2021

There’s no doubt Western Building Supply makes a name for itself through the manufacture and supply of premium building materials. However, the fact that you know our name, and purchase our products, results from the hard work and dedication of our superb showroom staff! Made up of managers and marketers, the WBS showroom team greets you with a smile in our retail store and makes you snicker on social media.

Last month, you got to know our awesome office staff. In this installment of our Meet the Team blog series, we introduce you to the faces of our company. Those outgoing employees tasked with answering your inquiries, spreading the word about our services, and bringing the human touch to our brand.

Max Bellinger
Sales Manager

Joking that he’s the CEO and Head of Micro-Management, Max prides himself on being attentive to each customer who walks into WBS. Driven by his desire to constantly better himself, Max is quick to share his vast knowledge of our business with whoever needs assistance. And though he says the paycheck is what he enjoys most about his work, we know Max’s professional pursuits are also a pathway to his other priorities of freedom, loyalty, family, and success.

Never one to veg-out in front of the T.V., Max spends his time away from WBS working on cars, golfing, and riding dirt and mountain bikes.

Michael J. Kish
Front Desk Sales

If you’re a contractor, then Michael is your man! He handles front desk sales for WBS, but we actually don’t hear him that much. That’s because Michael provides top-notch services to our customers by listening, listening more, then listening even more. And he practices what he preaches, believing that, “the quickest way to happiness is to talk about yourself less!”

Joking that his actual job title should be, Max’s personal water boy, Michael values an approach founded in honesty and seeing our customers’ visions come to fruition. If you’re unsure of the solution, Michael will help you find it!

Away from work, Michael enjoys movies like, The Goonies, Dances With Wolves, and Clear And Present Danger along with photography and going on outdoor adventures. His future goal is to live life well.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the superb sales staff at WBS. Keep checking our blog for future installments of our Meet the Team blog series.

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