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Meet the Awesome Office Staff at Western Building Supply

When watching a film, it’s easy to lose yourself in what’s happening on-screen. Visit a movie set, however, and you’ll soon realize that the magic is made behind the scenes. Any production is only as good as the crew that upholds it, and the same is true here at Western Building Supply! So, while we’re known for our showstopping manufacturing, and earning rave reviews for our post frame kits and steel roofing, some of our biggest superstars act as support staff in the business department.

Last month, we introduced you to the WBS founders — brothers, Rob and Bruce Hilty. In this installment of our Meet the Team blog series, we’re proud to present our dedicated office staff.

Kelci at WBS
Kelci Jones
Accounting Manager

With a background in holistic health sciences, our accounting manager, Kelci, is in the process of completing her Ph.D. and doctorate in natural medicine. Affectionately known as the WBS enforcer and money spender, Kelci expertly manages our accounts, ensuring that monthly statements remain accurate and timely.

Trading TV for the great outdoors, Kelci enjoys the wonder and simplicity of adventuring with her family, as well as learning new things. Kelci says her coworkers are what she likes most about her job and that she’s driven by faith, compassion, integrity, and kindness. Traits that, no doubt, make those fond feelings mutual.

bob in accounting
Bob Karolak
Accounting Consultant

In addition to safeguarding the company’s profitability and value, our accounting consultant, Bob, doubles as the office team builder. According to Bob, his coworkers feel more like family,

My decision to work for Western Building Supply was based not only on their ‘down to earth’ attitude; but genuinely caring about each employee’s welfare, as well as, providing the highest quality manufactured products and service to their customers

Although Bob comes to us with a diverse professional background, he also enjoys activities outside of work. In addition to living the good life with wife, Donna, and their precious dogs, cats, and horses, Bob is a custom, high-end engraver. He’s passionate about creating pet themed pieces and memorials, through etching and wood burning. Bob most values his relationships with friends and family, as well as his faith, and continuously strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and financial security.

Laura at WBS
Laura Shepard
Payroll Clerk

Even if she didn’t issue our checks, we’d still love our payroll clerk, Laura! As the unofficial head of our doggy daycare, (and we’re not just talking about Frank, 🐾) Laura goes out of her way to ensure everyone here is happy. Laura previously worked in the healthcare field where her desire to help others was on full display. She brings that same honesty and integrity to her job at WBS, and says she likes that her coworkers share in her strong work ethic.

A fan of comedy, drama, and suspense films and shows, Laura also enjoys spending time with her family and spoiling her pets. In the future, Laura sees herself entering semi-retirement while continuing her volunteer work.

Boss Dog

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the amazing office staff at WBS. Keep checking our blog for future installments of our Meet the Team blog series.

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