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Last month, Robert and I were sitting in the Cincinnati Airport (CVG) looking out the window waiting for our plane to arrive. I sat there, reflecting on the weekend we had at the first annual Construction Metal Rollforming Show. Before the start of the show, we bumped into a potential client (we’ll call him Mr. X and Mr. Y). Mr. Y had come to Wyoming the week before to meet us at our store, we had not known that they would be at the same show so that was a pleasant surprise. They invited us to lunch and we accepted. After Mr. X prayed for our lunch, we continued our discussion of potential business. It was nice to sit down with like-minded and good-hearted folks.

The show was small in comparison to the previous, similar ones Robert and I had attended, however, we expected this since this was the first one. We talked to several vendors that we already use and talked to a couple of vendors that looked promising.

We are eager for 2020, with several things that we are changing. We believe the changes will directly affect you as a consumer in a positive way. We will have a bumpy road ahead of us while implementing these changes, but we are ready to face these challenges as a buffalo faces a storm head-on.

These types of trips always get our creative juices flowing. We have barely scratched the surface of where we want to go. We have a strong vision for what we want to become and what we want W.B.S. to become and how that affects you as a pro builder or retailer. We welcome you alongside us as we push our vision forward.

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